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Product is or how your company
« on: September 14, 2023, 06:45:28 am »
At the time of the follow-up , he will tell you what happened and you, in turn, must reassure him, make yourself available and map out the next step. Don't forget to reinforce the next step: identifying the best time to return contact. Lever 5 – Champion letter + proposal After the call , you must formalize what was discussed and send the proposal. This “formalization” we call a champion letter , also known as the follow-up of champions. Unlike follow-up emails, which are short, objective and serve more as a follow-up to the sales cycle.

The champion letter aims to review and align all the points discussed. It must be sent right after the Phone Number List meeting (whether in person or remotely), as the lead is still “hot”. The focus of a champion letter is not how wonderful your is the market leader. The focus, once again, is on the lead and your business. Review, point out the paths and align the challenges, problems and pain he faces daily so that the urgency, as previously mentioned, increases. The proposal must include plans, values ​​and any discount.

Or benefit offered during negotiation. These five levers will help make the sales cycle more efficient and make day-to-day work more fluid. It is worth mentioning that each sales cycle has its own maturity time, and trying to shorten it will lead to failures in the process that range from transmitting insecurity by putting too much pressure on the customer, to closing too soon and rushing the sale to a customer who has not yet is prepared and educated enough to use your solution. Do what is within your means and offer the best sales experience to your lead .